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The Detail Guy turned my dirtmobile on wheels into a beautiful butterfly on wheels. 

"Mom, there's poop in the car."

" You mean on the car."

"Nope, in the car. Here on the door handle."

I gagged and sighed at the same time. That does it, I thought.  Yes, we Practically live in the car despite having a whole regular house to hang in and yes, we are plagued by an aggressive bird family determined to move in, but this was way too much. I can handle dirt, but I draw the line at animal droppings. 


Not five minutes later, I saw a gas station flyer for The Detail Guy , a new Upper Valley mobile detailing service. I wont lie; flyers at gas stations dont usually motivate me. But I had bird poop in my car, and the guy was wiling to come to me. 


I pulled out my phone, gave the Facebook page  a quick look, and then sent them a message. Owner Zach respnoded. warm, friendly, and efficient. In minutes and thats how he ended up in my driveway a few days later. 


A few things to know about Zach and how he does business: first, he was exactly on time, to the minute. I was still frantically pulling out straw wrappers from under the floor mat when he rolled up. He at the time used a 1500w power converter hooked up to his car battery to power his cleaning tools, so he can meet you anywhere. He has now upgraded to a stand alone generator. Born in Boston and raised in Vermont he's also a Navy veteran and so " attention to detail is huge for me," he said.


About an hour, I came out to check on him in case he'd fainted from the magnitude of the task . 

" How's it going?" I asked.

"Good, he said " Lots of vacuuming."

" I bet there are lots of Cheetos back there"

He nodded. " And Legos."

He was so thorough that even in middle of summer. He didn't leave my house until after dark, but he never stopped working. I'm not proud of what my car looked like, but I cant express in words the magic he worked.

I was so deeply embarrassed by all of this that I kept coming out to apologize to him. What is wrong with me? I thought . How could I not find time for even a half-hearted  vacuum job? How does one even get bird poop in one's car?

But here's what I want you to know most about The Detail Guy; he never made me feel bad about it. He treated it like any other job, and was kind and professional from start to finish. Even as he handed me a bag of god knows what that he pulled out from the seat tracks. Looked like mostly crayons, and acorns, which sounds about right. 

" Is there a job you've done that you are most proud of? I asked him afterwards. "Please don't say my car."

"Well to be honest....." He said.

Dang it.

" I love a challenge.' He added.

There you have it. Give a challenge at 802-289-3052 or If he can handle my beast of a car, he can definitely handle yours. 

Also, please get me off the top of his list. 

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